1. What is the Engagement rate, and why is it important?

engagement rate dropshipping

The Engagement Rate represents the percentage of people who viewed the ad and interacted with it (liked, commented, shared).
It is a ratio between an ad’s engagement (Likes, Comments, and Shares) and the number of Views. It is calculated only for the video ads.

Why does it matter to you?

A number of likes, comments, and shares won’t tell you much about the ad itself because high engagement can also mean that an ad has been running for a long time or that a lot of money was invested in it.

On the other hand, checking the engagement rate will reveal how people respond to an ad. Extra high engagement rate (4.75%) at the example above means that every 20th person who viewed the ad has engaged with it. :O (the average Facebook Ad engagement rate is 0.5%-1%)

So, would you rather check the ad with 5k likes and 10 million views or an ad with 5k likes and 200k views? 🙂

How to use it to find highly profitable products at an early age?

Just go to the Winners Home Page, sort the list by Total Engagement to Views, and you’ll get the ads that are getting the most of the audiences’ attention.

Also, you can use this sorting option separately for Likes, Shares or Comments, so you can get the ads that have:

  • Most Likes compared to Views
  • Most Comments compared to Views
  • Most Shares compared to Views

Our recommended sorting option is “Most Shares compared to Views”.

Why is the Engagement rate 0% or N/A for some of the ads?

Because it is an image ad, and the engagement rate is calculated only for video ads.

2. How is estimated revenue calculated?

Estimated revenue gives you info on how much money an ad has made since it’s been published on Facebook till the date when it is posted in the WINNERS library.

It is an estimated value calculated by taking into account various factors like the number of views, engagement rate, most common CTR and conversion rates in the DS industry, product cost, and more.

In the WINNERS library, the same ad can be repeated several times. That is because the same ad was published on different platforms (e.g., Ecomhunt, Niche Scraper, E-sniper…). However, if they publish it on different dates, Est. Revenue will differ too.

3. Why are some products repeated in the library?

That is because the same product was published on different platforms (e.g Ecomhunt, Niche Scraper, Esniper…).

Since we are publishing the products listed on 9 different platforms, it is normal for some products to be repeated and also have the same winning ad.

4. How to find NEW best-performing Ads?

Just go to the Winners Home Page, filter the list by Ad Creation date , (select a date in the last 30 days) and sort the list by Most Shares compared to Views or Estimated revenue.


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